Obstetric Services:

As part of our obstetric services, we arrange with you to have routine blood tests and a bulk-billed pelvic ultrasound performed before your first consultation. This is so we can make sure everything is going okay for you and your baby. We use these tests to confirm gestation and viability, and so we can diagnose early pregnancy complications. If there are issues, we are then able to sort out appropriate management quickly.

Dr Julie Grant Obstetric Services at Henley Beach and North Adelaide
Dr Julie Grant

We also give you the South Australian Pregnancy Record. This makes it easy for you to communicate with all your health care providers during your pregnancy.


If I am unavailable, my Midwife is fully qualified to conduct routine antenatal reviews. This is at no cost to you. I make sure this option is available to my patients to avoid inconveniencing you and so you don't have to reschedule.


Options for Delivery and in hospital services:

You can choose to deliver at Calvary Health Care North Adelaide or the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. I will discuss your options with you, but here is some advice based on my knowledge of the hospitals.


Calvary Health Care North Adelaide is ideal and suitable for confinement. They have state of the art delivery and theatre suites, and the private postnatal rooms are newly renovated. The Level 5-accredited nursery cares for babies from 32 weeks old (Level 5 is the highest level of private neonatal care available in South Australia). Calvary is close to the Women’s and Children’s, so you can access specialised neonatal and radiology services. You won't need a transfer to access these. I can continue to provide medical care if a transfer is required at any time.


If you prefer, full private care is available at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. This option is good for self-funded patients wanting private health care. It is the most cost-effective choice and there is no compromise on your level of care.


You could also choose to have private antenatal care but a public delivery at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. I can arrange this through my involvement in the Hospital's Sharecare Program.