Gynaecologist services:

My clinic provides high-quality, specialist gynaecologist services for pregnant women and any woman seeking professional advice.

Gynaecologist services include:

Dr Julie Grant Obstetric Services at Henley Beach and North Adelaide
Midwife Julia Woolley

Before we have our first consultation, my practice will arrange with you to have routine blood tests and a bulk-billed pelvic ultrasound performed. This is so that we can make sure everything is going okay for you and your baby. We use these tests to confirm gestation and viability, and the results also allow for prompt diagnosis of early pregnancy complications. This means that appropriate management of any issues can be planned for and quickly sorted out.

Additional gynaecologist services:

  • Urogynaecology
  • Vaginal Surgery
  • Menopause

Some information on gynaecological procedures and hospital care:

I offer day surgery and inpatient procedures at Calvary Health Care North Adelaide. I can refer you to the public system if you require in-hospital care and if this is your preference. Although I don’t maintain a public appointment at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, I have had an excellent working arrangement with their gynaecology unit. We can discuss your preferences and options during consultation.