I am mindful of the increasing financial pressure facing many families, particularly in the Western suburbs. In view of that I have kept my out of pocket expenses capped to 2008 levels. However, with increasing business expenses, unfortunately I can no longer absorb increased costs. New fees will apply from 08/11/2021.

Out of pocket expenses


Initial Consultation:


Sharecare Consultations:


Pregnancy planning and management fee including all antenatal and post postnatal consultations for patients delivering privately:


In hospital care for privately insured patients:


In hospital care for self-funded patients:

max $3,200

plus daily bed charge Women's & Children's Hospital $380-$750 per night


Initial Consultation:


Review Consultation:


In rooms procedures:


except labioplasty $1000

Day surgery procedures:

$350 Max

Major surgery:

$750 max